Team Roster

  1. Madi Quisenberry
    Position: M Jersey #: 15 Height: 5'9 Hometown: Torrance, CA Year: Junior Pregame Ritual: Listening to my favorite song (TBA because it constantly changes) and drinking lots of water
  2. Co-Capitan
    Karla Gascot
    Position: DS Jersey #: 7 Height: 5'3 Hometown: Puerto Rico Year: Junior Pregame Ritual: Stretching my back until it cracks
  3. Webmaster
    Marielle Gomez
    Position: DS Jersey #: 3 Height: 5'3 Hometown: Gilroy, CA Year: Sophomore Pregame Ritual: I am either listening to hype music and jumping up and down or I'm napping.
  4. Athletic Wear Coordinator
    Athletic Wear Coordinator
    Annalee Aeigo
    Position: DS Jersey #: 4 Height: 5'2 Hometown: Lake George, NY Year: Sophmore Pregame Ritual: I like to listen to my favorite playlist before a game and have some chocolate before we start.
  5. Fundraising Chair
    Fundraising Chair
    Jade Sparks
    Position: OH Jersey #: 12 Height: 5'6 Hometown: San Francisco, CA Year: Junior Pregame Ritual: listen to music and then warmup/dance
  6. Capitan
    Danielle Schaf
    Position: OH Jersey #: 12 Height: 5'8 Hometown: Shelby, NE Year: Sophomore Pregame Ritual: I find time to laugh to calm my nerves, take a deep breath to focus, and lean on my teammates to mentally prepare for a match
  7. Seargant of Arms/Social Chair
    Seargant of Arms/Social Chair
    Dimitra Gritzanis
    Position: RH Jersey #: 2 Height: 5'8 Hometown: Chicago, IL Year: Sophomore Pregame Ritual: I text my mom and listen to music.
  8. Transportation Coordinator
    Transportation Coordinator
    Maddie Zoldan
    Position: RS Jersey #: 9 Height: 5'8 Hometown: Canton, OH Year: Junior Pregame Ritual: listening to whatever song I'm obsessed with at the moment