!Thank you for making this a great tryout
Thank you all for coming out! This was a really hard decision and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who came out.  If you did not make the team, we hope to see you back next year! Congratulations to all who made it, we will see you at practice
Monday, 9/18 7pm-9pm!

Kristin Thomas 4
Jessica Mastorides 5
Caleigh Casey 6
Rachel Behrent 7
Lauren Fitzmaurice 24
Katherine Clark 27
Izmailia Sougoufara 33
Rhiannon Abrams 38
Who are we?
We are Syracuse University's Women's Club Volleyball Team! Our club is part of the National Collegiate Volleyball Federation and we compete within the Northeast Women's Club Volleyball League. 
Our team is composed of undergraduate and graduate students at Syracuse University.